Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"4 Capsules of VCOA a day, will keep the bad cholesterol away"


VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) is the answer!

There are 2 type of Cholestrol
- Good Cholestrol (HDL)
- Bad Cholestrol (LDL)

Cholestrol can be produced by the body itself or obtained from the food sources.

Below are some of the cholestrol's functions:

1. Hormone production.
Cholesterol plays a part in producing hormones such as estrogen & progesterone (female's hormone), testosterone (male's hormone),

2. Vitamin D production.
Vitamin D is produced when the sun’s ultraviolet rays reach the human skin surface.

3. Bile production.
Cholesterol produces bile acids which aid in digestion and vitamin absorption.

4. Cell membrane support.
Cholesterol plays a very important part in both the creation and maintenance of human cell membrane.

--> The importance of RISING THE HDL & LOWERING THE LDL!

Actually, the higher the HDL is good whereby if the HDL levels are low, the risks of getting heart disease is at HIGH RISK!

So it does important to lower the LDL which is to lower the risk of getting the heart disease!

The presence of the Plant Sterol in Virgin Coconut Oil helps in lowering the bad and increasing the good. Plant Sterol usually used in lowering the Bad Cholestrol.

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"4 Capsules of VCO a day, will keep the bad cholesterol away"
It's time for us to appreciate the COCONUT!
VIA - New Health Guide & webmd.com

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